Pope calls those in business to embrace simplicity

Pope highlights pros and cons of internet and social media use

Web inventor Berners-Lee launches plan to stop internet abuse 11.25.2019

World Wide Web creator unveils contract to ‘fix’ internet 11.25.2019

Tim Berners-Lee unveils global plan to save the web

I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It. 11.24.2019

Jack Dorsey’s planned move to Africa divides Square and Twitter investors (up to 6 month CEO of Twitters)

Larry Page steps down as CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai to take over networth $59.3 billion USD Google Cofounder

Silicon Valley Shakeup; Google Co-Founders Page and Brin Stepping Down As Alphabet Executives

Larry Page steps down; Sundar Pichai to lead both Alphabet, Google as CEO

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