Matthew 24:7-8 “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

4.4 Earthquake Mammoth Lakes,Ca (long valley super volcano) 2/1/2020

7.7 magnitude earthquake causes evacuations in Miami

Breaking “MEGA Quake 7.7 Huge Hits Jamaica

Major 7.7 (updated) Earthquake Cuba and Jamaica Regions 1/28/2020

5.0 earthquake hits southern Puerto Rico amid ongoing tremors

6.4 magnitude earthquake, aftershocks hit Puerto Rico l ABC News [Puerto Rico More than 1,000 earthquakes in 2020]

6.3 earthquake Solomon Islands 1/26/2020

Earthquake hits eastern Turkey, killing 22 | DW News

Billions of locusts threaten food security in East Africa | DW News

CLIMATE CHAOS IN 2020! (Worldwide Events)

New Swarms of Locusts Threaten Crops, Food Security in Ethiopia

Mongolia closed its vast border with China, and Hong Kong and Malaysia – Coronavirus

Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash

Floods prompt evacuations in New Zealand 2.6.2020

Second Turkey avalanche kills dozens of rescuers

What has Just Happened | JANUARY 2020 | PART 4

What has Just Happened | FEBRUARY 2020 | PART 5

Earthquake stats:

ARE YOU On the LIST? you are at HIGHEST RISK for this Coronavirus

Has China’s biggest online news site revealed ‘real’ coronavirus death figures? Screen grabs showing 24,589 death toll that sparked wild conspiracy theories ‘could have been digitally altered’

Coronavirus outbreak: Parts of China locked down; what does that mean for global economy?

Coronavirus 01-25-20 by Dr. Paul Cottrell

Coronavirus update and vaccination production by Dr. Paul Cottrell

Mary Greeley’s channel Latest on Coronavirus – YouTube n’ Government Censoring, US Citizens Dies, France, Africa etc Age-restricted video (requested by uploader)  Google deleted

Breaking “Japan 10 Coronavirus Cases On Cruise Ship confirmed

Compilation of LE?KS from Wuhan. How many are actually dealing w/ “Coronavirus”

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